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IEEE RFID 2012 Student Competition: Rectenna Shootout!

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Student teams of any size may submit a design for a custom 915 MHz LED rectenna (antenna + RF charge pump + LED) for the IEEE RFID 2012 conference.  Cash prize for the device that can light up an LED from the furthest distance from a 915 MHz continuous wave source.

The rectenna must be constructed exclusively from the following items:

Any passive antenna type may be used, with the requirement that the entire rectenna must fit within a box with the following dimensions:

The competition will be conducted using a 915 MHz signal source connected to a directional antenna with linear polarization.  A judge will determine the absolute illumination range, but the team may specify the orientation with which to test their rectenna.  Each rectenna entry must be accompanied by a unique student registration from a team member; no multiple entries per registrant.

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