Final Technical Program

The following 28 papers comprise the FINAL Technical Program for IEEE RFID 2011.

Paper Title and Abstract

Paper Title Authors and Affiliations
Multi-Antenna Techniques for Enabling
Passive RFID Tags and Sensors at Microwave
Matthew Trotter (Georgia Institute of Technology,
US); Christopher Valenta (Georgia Institute of
Technology, US); Gregory Koo (Georgia Institute of
Technology, US); Blake Marshall (Georgia Institute
of Technology, US); Gregory Durgin (Georgia Tech,
Evaluation of Parasitic Capacitance
Introduced during Tag Assembly Process
Jingtian Xi (Hong Kong R&D Center for Logistics
and Supply Chain Management, HK); Terry Ye
(Hong Kong R/D Center for Logistics and Supply
Chain Management, HK)
Effects of Periodic Reinforced-Concrete
Structures on Power Transmission
Shan Jiang (Florida International University, US);
Stavros Georgakopoulos (Florida International
University, US); Hao Jin (Florida International
University, US)
Two-Level Path Authentication in
EPCglobal Network
Hongbing Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University,
CN); Yingjiu Li (Singapore Management University,
SG); Zongyang Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong
University, CN); Zhenfu Cao (Shanghai Jiao Tong
University, CN)
Enabling Standardized Cryptography on
Ultra-Constrained 4-bit Microcontrollers
Axel Poschmann (Nanyang Technological
University, SG); Tino Kaufmann (Gemalto, SG)
Identifying Passive UHF RFID Tags Using
Signal Features at Different Tari Durations
Baha’ Alsaify (University of Arkansas, US); Dale R
Thompson (University of Arkansas, US); Jia Di
(University of Arkansas, US)
Optimized CMOS RF-DC Converters for
Remote Wireless Powering of RFID Applications
Stefano Scorcioni (University of Modena and Reggio
Emilia, IT); Luca Larcher (University of Modena and
Reggio Emilia, IT); Alessandro Bertacchini
(University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, IT)
An Active MOS Diode with Vth-Cancellation
for RFID Rectifiers
Hans Rabén (Luleå University of Technology, SE);
Johan Borg (Luleå University of Technology, SE);
Jonny Johansson (Luleå University of Technology,
An Error Free Passive UHF RFID System
using a New Form of Wireless Signal Distribution
Sithamparanathan Sabesan (University of
Cambridge, UK); Michael J. Crisp (University of
Cambridge, UK); Richard Penty (Cambridge
University, UK); Ian White (University of Cambridge,
A Multistandard HF/ UHF-RFID-Tag With
Integrated Sensor Interface and Localization
Thomas Ussmueller (Friedrich Alexander University
of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE); Daniel Brenk
(Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-
Nuremburg, DE); Jochen Essel (University of
Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE); Juergen Heidrich
(University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE); Georg
Fischer (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE);
Robert Weigel (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg,
Channel Estimation in Tag Collision
Jelena Kaitovic (Vienna University of Technology,
AT); Michal Šimko (Vienna University of Technology,
AT); Robert Langwieser (Vienna University of
Technology, AT); Markus Rupp (Vienna University of
Technology, AT)
Modulation Silencing: Novel RFID Anti-
Collision Resolution for Passive Tags
Abdallah Alma’aitah (Queen’s University, CA);
Hossam S. Hassanein (Queen’s University, CA);
Mohamed Ibnkahla (Queen’s University, CA)
Linearized Combinatorial Model for
Optimal Frame Selection in Gen2 RFID System
Petar Šolić (University of Split, HR); Joško Radić
(University of Split, HR); Nikola Rožić (University of
Split, HR)
Identification of Missing Objects with
Group Coding of RF Tags
Yuki Sato (Keio University, JP); Yuki Igarashi (Keio
University, JP); Jin Mitsugi (Keio University, JP);
Osamu Nakamura (Keio University, JP); Jun Murai
(Keio University, JP)
Range Estimation for Passive RFID
Systems That Use Power-Optimized Waveforms
Matthew Trotter (Georgia Institute of Technology,
US); Gregory Durgin (Georgia Tech, US)
A Novel Method for UHF RFID Tag Tracking
Based on Acceleration Data
Andreas Parr (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg,
DE); Robert Miesen (University of Erlangen-
Nuremberg, DE); Fabian Kirsch (Clausthal University
of Technology, DE); Martin Vossiek (University of
Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE)
A Reconfigurable Chipless RFID Tag Based on Sympathetic Oscillation for Liquid-Bearing Applications Botao Shao (Ph.D candidate, the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden); Qiang Chen(Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden); Ran Liu (Fudan University, P.R. China); Li-Rong Zheng (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden)
Optical Localization of Passive UHF RFID
Tags with Integrated LEDs
Alanson Sample (University of Washington, US);
Craig Macomber (University of Washington, US);
Liang-Ting Jiang (University of Washington, US);
Joshua R. Smith (University of Washington, US)
Polymer-Doped UHF RFID Tag for
Wireless-Sensing of Humidity
Gaetano Marrocco (University of Rome Tor Vergata,
RFID-Grids for Deformation Sensing Gaetano Marrocco (University of Rome Tor Vergata,

Near Field Modulated Backscatter For In
Vivo Biotelemetry
Jordan Besnoff (Duke University, US); Matthew
Reynolds (Duke University, US)
A Real-time RFID Localization Experiment
Using Propagation Models
Jason Brchan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US);
Lianlin Zhao (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US);
Jiaqing Wu (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US);
Robert Williams (University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
US); Lance C. Pérez (University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, US)
UHF RFID Shelf Solution with Cascaded
Reader Antenna and Positioning Capability
Yong Yuan (Siemens, CN)
An Adaptive Data Cleaning Scheme for
Reducing False Negative reads in RFID Data
Libe V. Massawe (Central University of Technology,
Free State, ZA); Hermanus Vermaak (Central
University of Technology, Free State, ZA); Johnson
Kinyua (University of Northern Virginia, US)
Assessment of Visibility Restriction
Mechanisms for RFID Data Discovery Services
Miguel L Pardal (IST – Technical University of
Lisbon, PT); Mark Harrison (Cambridge University,
UK); José Alves Marques (IST – Technical University
of Lisbon, PT)
A Fully Integrated Chip-ID Tag Used in
Chip Information Identification
Yuhui He (Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua
University, CN)
Passive Tag-to-Tag Communication Pavel Nikitin (Intermec Technologies, US); Shashi
Ramamurthy (Intermec Technologies, US); Rene
Martinez (Intermec Technologies, US); Kodukula
Rao (Intermec Technologies, US)

A 96 Mbit/sec, 15.5pJ/bit 16-QAM
Modulator for UHF Backscatter Communication
Stewart Thomas (Duke University, US); Matthew
Reynolds (Duke University, US)
A Compact Chipless RFID Tag Using
Polarization Diversity for Encoding and Sensing
Arnaud Vena (Grenoble-INP/LCIS, FR); Etienne
Perret (Grenoble-INP, FR); Smail Tedjini (Grenoble-