Final Poster Session


Poster Title Authors and Affiliations
A Comparison of the Combining Methods For
Phase-based Composite RFID Ranging

Chenming Zhou (Disney Research, Pittsburgh, US)
Joshua D Griffin (Disney Research Pittsburgh, US)
An Implementation Method of the Supply
Chain Management System for Architectural
Construction Resources Using BIM and RFID
 Seung-Hoon Han (Chonnam National University, KR)Ok-Kyun Im (Chonnam National University, KR)

Hyun-Sung Won (Chonnam National University, KR)
Kyoung Hee Kim (University of North Carolina Charlotte,

A Compatible and Equitable Resolution
Service for IoT Resource Management
Yang Liu (Computer Network Information Center, Chinese
Academy of Sciences, CN)
Ye Tian (China Network Information Center, CN)
Shuo Shen (China Network Information Center, CN)
Wei Mao (China Network Information Center, CN)
Low-Cost Ubiquitous Passive RFID Real Time
Location Sensing System
Sithamparanathan Sabesan (University of Cambridge, UK)
Michael J Crisp (University of Cambridge, UK)
Richard Penty (University of Cambridge, UK)
Ian White (University of Cambridge, UK)
Assessment of Visibility Restriction
Mechanisms for RFID Data Discovery Services
Miguel L Pardal (IST – Technical University of Lisbon, PT)
Mark Harrison (Cambridge University, UK)
José Alves Marques (IST – Technical University of Lisbon,
Alternative Analytical Approach for the Design
of Compact, Narrow Band Magnetic Antennas
with Improved Efficiency in RFID Systems
Riccardo Stefanelli (Politecnico di Torino – iXem Labs, IT)
Daniele Trinchero (Politecnico di Torino, IT)
Contactless Antenna for Wideband UHF RFID
Dat Son Nguyen (Laboratory for Nanotechnology, VN)
Smail Tedjini (Grenoble-INP, FR)
Tien Thong Pham (University of Technology Ho Chi Minh
City, VN)
Nhan Ai Tran (Ho Chi Minh City National University, VN)
Hong Phuong Phan (Ho Chi Minh City National University,
Mau Chien Dang (Ho Chi Minh City National University, VN)
Tran Thuat Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City National University,
Eric Fribourg-Blanc (CEA-LETI, FR)
RF Propagation Inside an Aircraft Cargo Hold Magalie Laniel (University of South Florida Polytechnic,
Ismail Uysal (University of South Florida Polytechnic, US)
Jean-Pierre Emond (University Florida, USA)

Statistical Capability Analysis for Reading
Passive RFID UHF Tags
Samuel Bloch Silva (Flextronics Institute of Technology, BR)
Manoel Barbin (Flextronics Institute of Technology, BR)
Robson Valmiro (Flextronics Institute of Technology, BR)
Subthreshold RF Powered Digital Circuit
Structures for 915MHz Near Field Power
Peter Gadfort (North Carolina State University, US)
Paul Franzon (North Carolina Stata University, US)
Analysis of High Permeability EM Isolators
for NFC Antennas near Metallic Objects
Jaewon Kim (3M, US)
Jin-bae Kim (3M, KR)
Jung-ju Suh (3M, KR)
Switched Loop Antenna for RFID Localization Osama Alrabadi (AAU, DK)
Gert Pedersen (Aalborg University, DK)
Orla Petersen (Munin Spot Technology ApS, DK)

UHF-Band RFID Reader Using Tunable Near-
Field Antenna with Dead-Zone Free
Dong-hoon Park (University of Seoul, KR)
Hyun-Jun Dong (University of Seoul, KR)
Sang-Bo Min (Actenna Corp., KR)
Jong-Won Yu (KAIST, KR)
Moon-Que Lee (University of Seoul, KR)
Modeling Worst-Case Backscatter from RFID
Daniel G Kuester (National Institute of Standards and
Technology, US)
David Novotny (National Institute of Standards and
Technology, US)
Jeffrey Guerrieri (National Institute of Standards and
Technology, US)
Zoya Popović (University of Colorado at Boulder, US)
A Simplified Reference Modulated Scatterer
for UHF Tag Testing
David Novotny (National Institute of Standards and
Technology, US)
Daniel G Kuester (National Institute of Standards and
Technology, US)
Jeffrey Guerrieri (National Institute of Standards and
Technology, US)
RFID-enabled Traceability of Farmed Fish Mira Trebar (University of Ljubljana, SI)
Andrej Grah (University of Ljubljana, SI)
Miroslav Savić (University of Ljubljana, SI)
Rok Češnovar (Faculty of Computer and Information
Science, SI)

Hybrid Inertial Microwave Reflectometry Muhammad Akbar (Georgia Institute of Technology, US)
Gregory Durgin (Georgia Institute of Technology, US)

RF Obstructions and European RFID
Ryan James (Georgia Institute of Technology, US)
Allison Mercer (Georgia Institute of Technology, US)
Gisele Bennett (Georgia Institute of Technology, US)
David McGuinness (Georgia Tech Ireland, Ireland)
Barry Smith (Research Colleague, IE)
Joe Dowling (Georgia Tech Ireland, IE)
Hybrid Analog-Digital Backscatter on an
RFID Platform
Vamsi Talla (University of Washington, US)
Michael P Buettner (University of Washington, US)
David Wetherall (University of Washington, US)
Joshua R. Smith (University of Washington, US)
Advancements in RFID Technologies for
Nuclear-Related Applications
Brian Craig (Argonne National Laboratory, US)
John Lee (Argonne National Laboratory, US)
John Anderson (Argonne National Laboratory, US)
Yung Liu (Argonne National Laboratory, US)
Han-Chung Tsai (Argonne National Laboratory, US)
Patrick De Lurgio (Argonne National Laboratory, US)
James M. Shuler (US , US)
Christopher Kearney (Argonne National Laboratory, US)
Rooter: A Sniffer Framework for Active RFID
Johnathan V Cree (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory,
Ivan Amaya (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US)
Robert Stahl (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US)
Emiliano Santiago Rojas (Pacific Northwest National
Laboratory, US)
Performance Comparison of a Protocol for a
Hybrid RFID/Sensor Network and a Cross-layer
Protocol for a Wireless Sensor Network
William S. Hortos (Associates in Communications
Engineering Research and Technology, US)
Battery-free Electrochemical Gas Sensing in
RF Energy-rich Environments
Aaron N. Parks (University of Washington, US)
Understanding The Compatibility of Matching
Networks Used in RFID Tags
Naaser Ahmed Mohammed (University of Kansas, US)
Daniel Deavours (University of Kansas, US)